The Important of English

The Important of English

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A L-shaped kitchen can have legs as long as you want. It is best to only elongate one leg over 12-15 feet. You will need to divide that elongated leg into different work sites for efficient use.
L-Shaped Kitchen Benefits
* Great for corner space
* Efficient for a small and medium kitchen space
* Can adjust to any length
* Can easily divide the kitchen into multiple work sites
* No through traffic to disrupt work zones
* Eating space (i.e. table & chairs) can easily be added to this layout

This style, also known as a single galley, is a must for some, a choice for others. If you live in an open loft, a pocket-size condo or a tiny cottage, the I shape might be the only logical way to orient your kitchen cabinetry and appliances. Even with a little more breathing room, though, you may simply gravitate to this streamlined approach and its advantages.
Advantages of I-Shape Kitchens

Ease of access. Although they're not as efficient as kitchens that have a classic work triangle, single galley kitchens put gear and groceries within quick reach. There are no deep corner cabinets or other spots where equipment may get pushed out of the way, so your things stay close at hand. Appliances tend to be close together as well.

Small footprint. If square footage is tight, an I-shape layout can do wonders to conserve space and lend a sense of openness. The relatively shallow footprint frees up as much floor area as possible. Flexibility. Without the constrictions of all fixed cabinetry and islands, single galley kitchens lend themselves to modular extras that can be moved around as needed. Many kitchens of this type incorporate a freestanding table or cart to be pulled into service as a dining space, makeshift work zone or place for guests. 

Budget friendliness. Less cabinetry and less countertop area usually equal cost savings on materials. If you're pinching pennies, you may be able to keep the price tag low by choosing affordable...

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