The Important Role of Managers

The Important Role of Managers

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Sales Team Memo

Raymond R. Marshall

University of Phoenix

HRM/ 531

Instructor: Julie Olsen

Submitted: October 6th, 2009


To: First Level Managers
From: Senior Sales Manager

Date: October 6, 2009
Re: New Merger

All my managers, will have an important role in the merger of envirotech with interclean. The merger with envirotech will provide resources and personnel who will help in the training needed to reach the goals of this company. All my sales managers will play a key role in the development of the multi-functional teams, who are going to be trained to implement the new proposed solutions/services.
I have been hearing a few negative rumors circulating in the company regarding loss of jobs. As my front line managers, you must reassure your team in the sales department their jobs are safe. I expect first level managers, to work closely with the sales teams in the next months. Your actions and words will greatly impact the work environment perceived by new hires as well as the productivity of the current sales team personnel. I expect new hires to be treated no differently than any other team member. The new personnel will look to you for leadership and support. You must ensure adequate training for your entire team. I expect open communications between managers and all employees. Current employees may feel intimidated by the merge of experienced sales personnel from EnviroTech. I want no favoritism shown to any one employee. You must counsel your employees and give them insight where they can improve and where they are strong. Remind your team of the reason for this merger and the opportunities it will provide for everyone in the company. It will be your responsibility to ensure that all foreseeable roadblocks are dealt with at the earliest convenience. If it cannot be handled by you I expect you to get the issues to me as soon as you know it’s an issue. You must create a positive work environment that...

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