The Increasing Demand for Mba Degrees

The Increasing Demand for Mba Degrees

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Construct and Support an Argument

Brent D. Voci

University of Phoenix

Construct and Support an Argument

Months of lying awake in bed at night produced my argument that an MBA is

necessary to obtain a higher income level to adequately support my family, and by

specializing my MBA in Healthcare Management will provide me the opportunity to start

a new career path within the industry of my choice which is healthcare. There are critics

that support the argument that MBA’s are “a dime a dozen” and a waste of time and

money to go back to school for an MBA. In addition to the higher income levels an

MBA can produce, specializing an MBA a student pursues to a specific industry can also

increase the desired job opportunites. Returning to school to earn my MBA will produce

higher income levels and increase the demand for my skills and knowledge by obtaining

a specialized MBA in Healthcare Management.

The state of our economy combined with current record levels of unemployment has

forced people to take a step back and evaluate the desired qualifications and skills

employers are looking for, which provides the insight of what opportunities are available.

Earning an MBA is a unique opportunity and accomplishment that a low percentage of

Americans have undertaken, which makes an MBA a valuable tool in a struggling

economy and competitive job market. Possessing an MBA provides a unique advantage,

which sets the Graduate students apart from other candidates applying for the same job

opportunities. Supporting a family of five is the inspiration behind my argument of going

back to school to pursue my MBA in order to obtain higher income levels. Supporting

my argument of achieving higher income levels by obtaining an MBA and refute the

critics that support the argument that MBAs are “a dime a dozen” The Report of Salary

Surveys (2007)...

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