The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution

In the 18th century Great Britain went through many

changes. These changes improved their country from better

agriculture to new technology. This essay talks about many

subjects such as growth and development, rural to urban migration,

and growth and cities. Britain’s Industrial Revolution not only

influenced Europe, but the world.

People started to discover faster methods by producing

goods which increased their economy. As new technology began to

rise, so did produce. New inventions such as the seed drill and the

tractor helped farmers to make more food. The tractor allowed

more food per acre. More food allowed people to have healthier

diets. Birth rates rose and life expectancy extended. Many people

were dying off of diseases, the most common was small pox.

Luckily medicine improved so many people saved.

also grow rapidly. Immigration was going on which helped

raise the population.

Although many great inventions were arriving, people

were going through hard times. Many people could no longer work

on farms because new technology took over their jobs. Displaced

farmers began seeking jobs in factories. Others made their own

inventions and ran businesses out of their houses. Witch were

called the cottage industry. Factory workers had non stop shifts.

Many factory workers started to run away because they were being

brutally beaten for slacking off. Even children were beaten. Many

people migrated and looked for other jobs. This was the

mechanization of agriculture.

The mechanical inventions were so rapid that each one

triggered to a new one. Their was a new source of power in

factories. After James Watt improved the steam engine in 1782,

cottage industries became more productive. The steam engine used

coal mills that no longer had to be located near water. Steam...

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