The Inevitable Laws of Life

The Inevitable Laws of Life

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Laws of Life Essay

Carlos Pavon


Senior English

January 5, 2007

“Love is like war, Easy to begin but hard to end”

Love the most powerful word there is out there. I love you the three most powerful words out there. Love can be so difficult in so many ways, but so nice; crazy huh. There are a lot of people out there that don’t know what love even is, my advice to them is to keep it like that. I’m not saying that I know what love is at age 18, but I know I have felt it and showed it. Basically there is one quick way that I will brake down to you, never tell someone you love them, just show them. I’ve been in a couple of relationship, but never felt like I did for one girl, I personally don’t want to say her name just for some respect.

Started off one summer day in a night club, where I saw her. I had seen her before but was to shy to talk to her, but when I saw her that night its like we knew each other for ages. We then on started talking after that night, and went on to become boyfriend and girlfriend. She wasn’t really my type of girl but for so many reasons I fell for her. I treated her like a queen. It was around the 2nd month of us being together I started falling hard for this girl; I ended up telling her that I loved her. She couldn’t say much she was shocked and happy but at the same time she felt bad, why? She didn’t have he same type of feeling for me and she told me that, you know what; I fell even harder for her because she had the courage to tell me she didn’t feel the same way, she was honest and that was one of the keys that made me fall in love with her.

3 Months later it’s done, what’s done? Us. I couldn’t have felt worse in my life. I just finished giving my all to this girl, and all she could tell me the reason for her not wanting to be with me was because she didn’t feel appreciated. Well all I could do is just laugh, I thought this was a dream but it wasn’t. All I could say is “LOVE SUCKS”. Here I...

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