The Influnce of Media

The Influnce of Media

Running head: PROJECT 2

Project 2
Lynne Kline
Kaplan University
Applied Skills for Human Services
Mary Frank
March 07, 2010

Project 2

The way the beauty is epitomized within the media, may cause eating fracas in women and weight fixation. A lot of women perceive weight and size with who they are and being respected. Her environment may also have a great impact on her behaviors. The social impact may be in the form of feeling acceptance, being overweight may very well have the view of being an odd person out.

Sally had no eye contact with counselor, her appearance and her body position appears to be unyielding and taut. According to Cameron (2008) “70 percent of the emotional meaning of our communication is conveyed through nonverbal channels” (pg. 24) this would give the opinion that she is uncomfortable being here and may be wondering “why did I come here”?

I would have to say the starting point for Sally was when she sat on the couch and start talking to the counselor. Even though sally remains flat throughout the session, she is however talking to the therapist and asking for assistance in treatment for her eating disorder.

It is the belief that Sally was overwhelmed for m the moment she walked into the office, however when talking about talking about finding treatment for her eating disorder, Sally appeared to become extremely overwhelmed which lead to the behaviors of clutching the sofa pillow and repetitively pulling tissues out of box. There is a sense that everything issue is overwhelming to Sally at this point and time.

The behavioral clues that are present are the clutching of pillows and repetitively pulling tissues out of the box. Fidgeting and excessive sweating also appear as a behavioral clues.

The road blocks that may present a problem in this case, would be prematurely giving advice, making suggestions or providing solutions. Cameron stated (2008) “statements that give advice or make suggestions...

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