The Inheritor

The Inheritor

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Contrast essay Feb/15/09

There are lots of people in this world. In the story “the Inheritor” the man is very compassionate. Mrs. Strangeworth is a cowardly old lady in the story “The possibility of evil”.

The man in “The Inheritor” showed his selflessness when he decided to go and save the sheep from the dingo. “ He stood in front of the dingo, almost eye to eye with it.” He recklessly put himself in front of the dingo to save the ewe.
Mrs. Strangeworth was a very selfish woman because she always put herself before everyone else. Strangeworth never socialized with people. She always put her roses before people.

He showed his courageousness when he stayed in the tree with the ewe until they found a boat to rescue them both. “ Stiff-legged and snarling, it turned as the man and the ewe circled.” The man was very courageous when he helped protect the sheep from the dingo. Mrs. Strangeworth was very cowardly because she sent all the criticizing letters to the good people in the town. When the people found out that all the mean criticizing letters were sent by her they all got mad. The people confronted Strangeworth she broke out in tears.

The man in “The Inheritor” the man was very faithful to the ewe because he stuck by the ewe from the beginning all the way to the end. “ A bloodied, injured, and demented man who refused to be taken off unless he could bring a trussed sheep with him.” He said he would not leave unless he brought the sheep. This is a very good example of faithfulness. On the other hand Mrs. Strangeworth is a very deceitful old lady who enjoyed sending mean letters around. “ Have you ever seen an idiot baby? ”. This is an example of her deceitfulness when she sends the letters she never signed her name. Strangeworth never expected to be found out by the nice towns folk.

There are lots of different kinds of people in this world. Some could appear to be nice, but really are bad. Like the man people are very...