The inspection and preparation before starting jaw crusher

The inspection and preparation before starting jaw crusher

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Crusher machinery market in China has become the focus that the international equipment manufacturers concern about; due to the relatively fast replacement, especially for small-scale crusher, whose life is only three to five years, the domestic crusher that need replacement occupies about 20% of the total demand of the crusher each year, which provide a strong impetus for the rapid development of the mobile crusher machinery.

At present, large jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing big and hard raw materials. Because jaw crusher has stronger vibration during work, it is usually installed on the foundation based on reinforced concrete structure. After running for some time, the surface of concrete foundation under the frame usually appears crack and becomes loose, and this will cause the vibration of the equipment and seriously affect its safety operation. Making proper concrete foundation and adopting reasonable installation method can avoid this.

The inspection and preparation before starting jaw crusher

1. Operators must check if the lubrication points are normal, if there is no plug and oil spills and other phenomena before starting the jaw crusher.

2. Making sure the operating handle has plenty of oil before starting the jaw crusher.

3. Inspect the various instruments to see whether it is in good condition.

4. Adjust discharging opening to the appropriate scale.

5. Check if the crushing cavity has ores or other broken things.

6. Adjust the tightness of v-belts and locking spring properly.

7. Check if the electrical system, lights, as well as the protection of facilities are complete properly.

8. Check if the connection bolt is loose.

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