The Installation of Network for the Bead Bar Company

The Installation of Network for the Bead Bar Company

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Assignment: Bead Bar Network Paper

Robert D Mroczka

Axia College of University of Phoenix
Assignment: Bead Bar Network Paper

The Proposal

I submit the following plan for the installation of a network for the Bead Bar Company. In this plan, I will detail my reasoning for choosing a star based topology with client/server architecture. I will provide examples of how this topology and architecture will be beneficial to the company. In addition, I will review; the hurdles that may need to be overcome and how potential problems that may arise could be handled. In the end, I will summarize this plan highlighting the topics covered and providing a conclusion as to its benefits.

The Plan

In researching the needs of the Bead Bar Company, I have come up with the following recommendations for the installation of a network within the central office what will allow for both remote access and website support. In this plan, I considered such factors as, cost, locations of users, software support, and current knowledge of technology.

The first recommendation I would make before any other is that the Bead Bar Company should invest in an Information Technology Specialist that has a background in network administration, database administration, and system design. This person would be critical in overseeing all of the needs of the company regarding the networks design, installation, and implementation. I would also suggest that this technician have software development skills thus enabling software to be created to take full advantage of the network and meet the end users needs. These qualifications could be fulfilled by separate individual, as it may be difficult to find one person with all such skills. While the addition of personnel would increase operating cost, it would be far outweighed by the long-term gains in productivity and support and should be seen as an investment that would pay for itself in the end.

As to the network I would suggest, it...

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