The Institution of Marriage

The Institution of Marriage

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Marriage means the institution in which a man and a woman become legally united on a permanent basis. This is the lexical meaning of one of the most important institutions of our time. Nowadays this institution is under a certain threat which is called ‘’unisex marriage’’. There are a lot of debates about this threat. People discuss if unisex marriage helps or hurts the sacred institution of marriage. Most of the people think that unisex marriage hurts the sacred institution of marriage. There are various reasons that lead people to think this way.

To begin with, the institution of marriage is the most important element in providing the continuity of the society. With the help of procreation the married couples provides the society with the next generation. That’s to say, marriage is not only composed of a social contract. It’s also a sexual union of couples that gives birth to the next generation. Based on this opinion, we can say that marriage is not for everyone, especially for gays. Because sexual desires exist in the hearts of human beings and men and women are attracted to each other because of sexual desires. As a consequence of these desires men and women have intercourse and create the next generation. But this situation is not eligible for gay couples. You can say that the unmarried couples also have children. Yes, they do. But in these type of families, family members are not attached to each other with strong ties, especially the fathers. The child and the mother are attached with biological ties but marriage attaches the fathers to the children. The children who have grown up without either a mother or a father can have psychological problems, they can even commit suicide. For Maggie Gallagher, the president of the Institue of Marriage and Public Policy, family structure is very important for children and their future. According to Maggie Gallagher, family structure is the most imporant component of the marriage.

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