The Interpersonal Communication Issues in Ikea

The Interpersonal Communication Issues in Ikea

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This report investigates the current state of the interpersonal communication issues in IKEA group and examines the unpredicted future advancements of IKEA. A brief history of IKEA group and its operation is initially outlined. The discussion then focuses on the advantages and limitations of the interpersonal communication issues of human resources in IKEA, and the methods that the company uses to communicate with its customers, employees, competitors and the collaborators. It is concluded that further advances in the strategies in IKEA as well as the use of labour force will continue to improve the status in the whole world market. It is also suggested that specialized communication methods will increasingly be incorporated into different types of the IKEA’s company process.

Table of contents:

Abstract ⅰ
1.0 Introduction 1
2.0 Communication methods in IKEA 2
2.1 The intercultural communication in IKEA business 2
2.2 The presentations and persuasion in IKEA 2
2.3 The negotiations and interviews 2
2.4 IKEA’s groups, meetings and discussions and trust and conflict between IKEA and other companies 3
3.0 Findings: some successful aspects in IKEA 4
4.0 Discussion or Interpretation of results: the future of IKEA 4
5.0 Conclusions 5
6.0 List of references 6
7.0 Appendix...

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