The Introduction of the Metal Flotation Separation Process

The Introduction of the Metal Flotation Separation Process

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When exploiting this kind of iron ores, we usually introduce the iron ore magnetic separation machines for you. When the iron ore blocks are crushed by the rock crushing machines and grinded by the rock grinding machines, the magnetic separator will separate the iron out from the other material in the ore. This kind of magnetic separator machine can increase the iron ore grade of the iron ore.The whole capacity usually range from 10 tons per hour to 200 tons per hour according to the different model of the machine. It has the capacity of high capacity, easy to control and simple structure.

Silver and stone mining ranges the first in the exploit of metallic mineral exploit,and copper ranges the second. The bedrock beneath Mexico consists of an intricate, and valuable network of deposits of metallic minerals. The discovered metallic mineral deposits have generated an output in excess of 5 million ounces of stone.

But, how can we exploit the metallic mineral deposits? What is the working process and working principle of the magnetic separation process of the metallic mineral? Here,the author, I will give you a brief introduction of this metallic flotation separation process .

In such kind of a metallic mineral magnetic separation process, the metallic block is usually fed into the coarse crushing machine(PE series jaw crusher) by the vibrating feeder. Then the PEX series jaw crusher will crush the crushed stone into a fine size. After been crushed twice,the material will be transferred to industrial grinding machines such as ball mill to grind into ash. The spiral classifier will separate out the big size material and then transfer them to the grinding machine to be re-grinded. Then the magnetic separator machine will separate the metal ash out, and the wet metal ash will be concentrate by the concentrator. Then after drying by the dryer, this metallic mineral flotation separation process will finish.

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