The Ireland

The Ireland

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The population of Ireland is estimated to be 6.2 million. Slightly less than 4.5 million are estimated to live in the Republic of Ireland and slightly less than 1.8 million are estimated to live in Northern Ireland. It is located in Europe and could be compared to as slightly larger than West Virgina. Its climate consists of mild winters, cool summers; consistently humid; overcast about half the time. When I travelled there in the summer I was extremely surprise at the terrain because its mostly level to rolling interior plain surrounded by rugged hills and low mountains. It reminded of Prince Edward Island.

English has been spoken in Ireland since the middle Ages and, since a language shifts during the nineteenth century, has replaced Irish as the first language vast majority of the population. Less than 10% of the population of the Republic of Ireland today speaks Irish outside of the education system and 38% of those over 15 years are classified as "Irish speakers".

In Northern Ireland, English is the official language. Recently, with the increase in immigration, many more languages have been introduced, mostly coming from Asia and Eastern Europe.

Ireland is a small, modern, trade-dependent economy. GDP growth averaged 6% in 1995-2007, but after the crisis in 2008 Ireland entered into a recession for the first time in more than a decade whiched caused a huge slowdown in the property and construction markets. Agriculture, once the most important sector, has now changed by industry and services. Property prices rose very quickly in Ireland in the decade up to 2006 than in any other developed world economy.

The Irish Government has created a series of national economic programs designed to avoid price and wage inflation, invest in infrastructure, increase labor force skills, and promote foreign investment. In 2008 the COWEN government moved to guarantee all bank deposits, recapitalize the banking system, and establish...

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