The Issue of Pay Scales

The Issue of Pay Scales

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SNEA(I)/Dir(HRD)/29/11-08 Dated 21st November 2008


This is to bring to your kind notice that the issue of pay scales of erstwhile ASSTTs already taken up by us and once again highlighted in the meeting with the then Sec DOT on 10th Jan 07. where in we had sufficiently made clear about the irrational, insensitive and unjust method in which the subject matter had been dealt with depriving eligible benefits to thousands of officers and even forcing them to shell out sums amounting to Rs one lakh or more for no fault of theirs. It was then agreed in the meeting that the order 16-1/2003/PAT-persIV (BSNL) dated 31.08.2006 would be re-examined the light of the orders issued by DOT in 1992 and 1994. Thereafter for almost two years now the order was not implemented or pressed for. But now in some places notices have been issued to the concerned executives threatening that their pay would be refixed as per the above orders which means that the executives will have to refund huge amounts running to more than one lakh per executive apart from their pay being sliced down considerably without any rhyme or reason. We therefore consider it our bounden duty to fight against such injustice inflicted on a sizable number of our members without any justification. Such insensitive actions of the Management is contrary to the progressive steps in maintaining cordial HR relations in any sensible organization and cuts at the root of all modern Management principles. The following points are once again reiterated since they are specially noteworthy in understanding the real status of the problem:

1. As per the letter referred 2 above the cadre of ASTT was merged with JTO Cadre with effect from 1.4.1994 after calling for option from the officers concerned giving them an opportunity to opt out of the scheme. After the merger the CGMs of the respective Circles issued orders notifying the change in the designation and the...

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