The Japanese Way

The Japanese Way

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We Japanese proclaim our invincibility in the entire east , because we are very convinced that the Yamato Race(Japanese) are the finest race in the east . We have been instilled with that kind of view since of childhood. We know it is not ignorance or racial prejudice has caused us the hold this kind of view , by compare our national or racial character with other member of Asia , one will find the Japanese power has far surpassed any neibouring country in the east . All the corruption or incompetence element has nowhere to be found among the noble Japanese mentality . The Japanese indeed has endowed with some noble character which can not be resembled in any other race or culture . Those are the foundation of Japanese pride and self-confidence in believing our unbeatable strength and rank in the East . Please allow me to fully analysis those amazing endowments to you , so to get ride of any doubts from your suspicious that our pride is a merely senseless racial prejudice.

The element which has made Japanese unique and no resemblance amongst other race is the Japanese ability to select , absorb , digest , and convert the foreign culture into a Japanese flavor , no race in this world is as eager and passionate to absorb foreign culture as the Japanese , We have a strong desire to be civilized , in essence the Japanese are perfectionist , this can be seen from the Japanese standards of cleanness , seriousness when conduction a fair , A class craftsmanship for designing a product , absorb the foreign culture is a goal to maximize our desire to reach our designated standards of perfection . We proudly proclaim our invincibility in the east because our standards is higher than what other Asian can ever brag about .

The reason why the Japanese has gain the title for being the most intelligent absorber for the foreign culture is because our modesty , anticipation, and accurate and subjective view and observation about foreign culture .We do not glorify nor...

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