The Jealous Nanny

The Jealous Nanny

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Written by
Sa'Anna, Trey, Ray'shon, Rhamarjai, and James

Scene One: Int. Location #1 – Evans House


2.NARRATOR: We begin our story with Evan a 32 year old man with a daughter. About 2 years ago Evans wife died. Now Evan is going through a stage of depression and financial problems.

3.SOUND: Doors open and close

4. EVAN: Honey, I'm home!

SYDNEY: Hey daddy how was work?

EVAN: Good, where's the maid?

MAID: Right here, still waiting on my check.

EVAN: It's coming, it's coming don't worry, I'm just short this month.
on money, with this mansion ha!


6.NARRATOR: But off in the corner someone was watching them.........

Scene Two: Int. Location #2 - In Evan's Car

7.EVAN: Hey baby sis, I need a big favor my nanny quit on me and I need someone to lookout for Sydney, could you find me a new one?

8.SOUND: Cars

Scene Three: Int. Location #3 – Cafe

9.EVAN: Hi my name is Evan Braxter my sister referred you to me.

SALLY: Yes I know your sister from college great gal.

EVAN: Will the pay would have to start off low seeing that I am having financial problems since the wife died.

SALLY: You poor thing I understand, Are there any kids around?

EVAN: Yes my 15 year old daughter. Why might I ask?

SALLY: You don't seem to have any kids I hope she likes me.


Scene Four: Int. Location #4 – Evan's Home

9.SOUND: Vacuum & Whistling

10.SALLY: Wow this big house too bad he doesn't know what is coming for him.

SALLY: He thought I really cared about his little brat I'm going to finish her off too. Ugh..... kids

NARRATOR: Meanwhile Evans daughter Sydney is getting ready to come home not knowing what is coming for her.

11.SOUND: DA DA DA NA NA..........

12.SYDNEY: Dad I'm home, school was great my teacher gave me an A.

SALLY: The Brats home ugh...

SYDNEY: Oh hey what's your name?

SALLY: It's...