The Kite Runner 16

The Kite Runner 16

The Kite Runner


That was the immediate word that struck me when the credits started rolling up the screen, signaling the end of the film I just watched. It was a good movie, I must say. The word ‘good’ might even be an understatement for it. I’ll rephrase and say, it was an excellent movie.

I was amazed at the friendship Amir had with Hassan. It had an air of innocence, and sincerity. For me, it seemed pure. Hassan treated Amir like a true friend would. Hassan regarded Amir like a brother. He protected him, and cared for him. Their relationship was built on nothing superficial or materialistic. It was for the sake of each other they were together. And I thought to myself, how many people do I know have friends like that? Do I have friends like that? Do I share that much trust with my bestfriend? Is everything I say just as it is, or are there different meanings to the words I utter? To Hassan and Amir, there weren’t. They shared total honesty and trust with each other. And that is why they were able to walk the streets of Kabul like brothers.

As an answer to the first question, Rahim Khan tells Amir that there is a way to be good again because he knows there is some of form of guilt that has been haunting Amir’s past relationship with Hassan. Rahim Khan played a bigger father figure to Amir compared to Amir’s real father. Rahim Khan connected with Amir on a much deeper level, and he took the time and patience to understand Amir. For instance, he supported Amir’s dreams to be a writer and he encouraged Amir to pursue it. He knew when something was wrong between Hassan and Amir, despite Amir’s reluctance to tell of what really happened. Amir felt guilty towards Hassan because he didn’t stand up for Hassan the way Hassan did for him. Amir stood by the sidelines instead and watched his best friend get beaten up and raped in front of his very eyes. Rahim Khan knew things between Hassan and Amir never did come to a resolution because Hassan’s...

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