The Kudler Frequent Shopper

The Kudler Frequent Shopper

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Kudler Frequent Shopper

Statement of Scope and Goals
The objective of this project is to document the business requirements necessary to create an automated Frequent Shopper Program system by which customer buying habits can be recorded, monitored, and analyzed for the dual purposes of helping Kudler Foods automatically track customer purchases simultaneously managing customer loyalty point accounts based on those purchases. The captured customer shopping behavior information will help Kudler Foods “refine its processes.” The accumulated loyalty points can be exchanged for “higher end” gifts with deals arranged through our partnerships.
The goals of the completed system outlined:
1. Customers Purchase Behavior will be tracked for buying patterns.
o Frequent Shopper Program
2. Customers Purchases will be tracked for awarding loyalty points
o Customers accumulate points individually via purchasing
▪ Individual customer level tracking
3. Customers exchange loyalty points for gift items
o Partnerships with other external companies
▪ Airline First-class upgrades
▪ Specialty Foods
▪ High end products and/or services
When completed the expected result is to create a business/systems requirements document for the development of the Frequent Shopper Program system.

Supporting Measures for Success
Kudler Fine Foods will start to focus in on how to expand upon their services and stream line the organizational process by improving the efficiency of the entire operations. The success will be measured by Kudler Fine Foods ability to integrate a new system which will incorporate a database system. Kudler Fine Foods marketing should easily see the most popular products purchased by customers depending on income levels, area of residence, gender, shopping location along with any other categories that marketing...

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