The Lake Isle of Island

The Lake Isle of Island

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William Butler Yeats.( 1865-1939 )

Wrote the poem ""The Lake Isle of Innisfree"" in 1892".

Brought out the inner drive of individuals for peace and quiet.

Produced remarkable literary works that take special places in the hearts and minds of readers.

Was honoured with the Nobel Prize for literature in 1923.

His works was appreciated by people although he was died in 1939.


- Generally interested in putting across the persona
ideas through poems.

-- express what humans long for.

--- by bringing out the inner desires or intentions
based on the persona experienced.

---- wish to share their perceptions and

----- these rich experienced make their readers
become aware of some issues and concerns.

the lake isle of innisfree

William butler yeats makes some observations and expresses his inner feelings.

He shares his feelings and concerns.

- relates to the place called
The Lake Isle of Innisfree.

- subject :
The beautiful Lake Isle of

- the place is sanctuary where
one can escape from the
hustle of city.

- the place offers various types
attraction and it is unique.

- relates to the general idea or
ideas running throughout the poem.

- poem may have one or more themes
in it depending on the subject of
the poem.

- themes of the poem ' The Lake Isle
of Innisfree' :

The need for peace and quiet.
The need for preservations on nature.
The inner drive for freedom and harmony.
To be part and parcel of nature.
To appreciate nature's wonders.
To escape the hustle and bustle of city life.
To be forward-looking or having a vision in life.

poems :

- refers to the feelings, attitudes, perceptions,
experienced and inner drive of the persona.

- relates to the mood of the persona.
( sad, happy, angry, upset, disappointed etc )

- the persona appreciates the wonders of nature.

Poem the lake isle of...

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