The Legend 1

The Legend 1

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 It was one of those lazy care free summer weekends when james, mike, courtnee and i went to the blackberry jam. Once we got inside my friends Mike, Tim and lily went to get us some some drinks.
while standing looking at everyone having a good time i noticed a guy standing by himself looking impatient and lost. He was short dark and had freckles. He had on a pair of thick
black specticles. The bottom of his blue denim jeans were ripped and his nike shoes were missin the strings. The white thermal he had on was dingy and had many stains as if it had never
been washed.

He looked like he was no older than nineteen. It was hard to tell because of the bags under his eyes and the scruffiness of his face.looking the way he was i couldnt imagune him
having a job and if he did i would guess a plumber.At first i hesitated to go over and introduce my self and say hellow, but there was something about him that drew my attention to make me
want to know about him. When i walked over to say hello he answered back by saying "why have you been starring at me for the past five minutes". I replied with a lie "i thought i knew you
from somewhere". I dont know what possessed me to say that but it was the first thing that came to mind. He laughed and said i get that often. As he started to go on about his passion for music a woman walked up with long black hair and a all black dress who appeared to be in her early twenties. She said "jim they didnt have any more tea would you like lemonade"? jim answered yes and introduced me to her as his future wife.

Both jim and his wife started telling me all the instruments they play and how much music means to them. i asked jim about his parents and where he was from. Jim told me he grew up
in Colorado, back in the mountains, and his dad was a construction worker and his mom a certified dietician. Once jim told me that i had to ask the question why he was dressed like that
at such a classy place. Jim and his wife...

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