The Life's Changed Brought by Computers

The Life's Changed Brought by Computers

The computer was invented in 1950 for complex data analysis for government use. These were large machines housed in large halls. As technology advanced, the size of the computer shrunk and in the mid-eighties, personal desktop computers called PC’s were born.

The PC changed our lives in the way that televisions did. Today computers are used in every area of our day to day lives , such as in banking, shopping, personal computing, general information, education, etc. It is not possible to run our daily lives today without the help of computers.

Banking - Computers have changed the way banking is done today. We no longer have to go to the bank for some tasks like money-transfers and withdrawals. All our account details are stored in the bank’s computer and we can view them on our PC at home or office over the internet. For withdrawal of money, we can visit the nearest ATM ( Automatic Teller Machine), enter our card, code number and amount of money needed - the machine will do the rest and give us the exact amount. This is only possible due to the computer technology used by it. We can also transfer money from our account to others via internet connected computers. This saves all the time and trouble otherwise taken in physically carrying out the same. How convenient!

Education - Computers are also important in the field of education. In my school, we regularly have classes where presentations on the subject are made by using computers. We enjoy these classes which make learning so much of fun! Apart from this use in schools and universities, it can be of great help at home too. One can view CDs on the topics required or search for the same on the internet, thus gaining more information on the subject. This is wonderful for a student - he can have all that he wants at his fingertips!

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