The Life of Blacklotus

The Life of Blacklotus

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On the planet Vegeta, during a routine system check, an elite Saiya-Jin warrior walks down a white hallway, looking at his list of destinations and orders. Looking for who is the next stop on the list, and who is going in the pod and where the pod is heading. As he enters the room, he says in a commanding voice, “Zorlan is the pod heading for Earth ready to launch?”

Zorlan, a medium size alien, green and spotted with purple responds, “Yes, I have prepared the flight path heading for Earth. All I have to do is put Clayton in the pod.”

“Good.” The elite Saiya-Jin says with satisfaction. A few seconds later after watching Zorlan working, the warrior asks Zorlan, “How many launches have you done, Zorlan?” with no expectations of getting an answer.

“This will make 403, Sir.” Zorlan says in the most respectful voice that he could gather at that moment, also trying not to say something that might get him killed. Zorlan pushes the newly lit button to launch the pod.

As the pod goes deeper and deeper into the black blob called space, the elite warrior asks Zorlan, “What class of life forms are on, what do you call that planet again?” he pauses for a couple of second to search through his list of destinations to find the planets name. After finding out were it was going he continued with what he was saying, “Earth, that was it.”

As Zorlan searches through the data in front of him on the screen, after finding the information Zorlan answers, “Class 12 life forms, Sir.” Zorlan says, as he gets another pod ready to launch to other planets through out the universe.

The elite Saiya-Jin smirks and says, “They won’t even know what hit them.” He turns around and starts walking back down the hallway to check if there were any problems with the other workers that were launching pods.

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