The Life of a Plus Size Woman

The Life of a Plus Size Woman

As, I reflect upon my life, I invision all the many taunts amd trials I have endured. So many people broadcast their struggles, but do they even have true anguish? Try being an African-American, Overweighted, female. THREE different struggles. The adversities one has to face because of either a disorder or bad habit is ridiculous.

All during my early life, i was a total outcast because I didn't know how to fit into the skinny kid lifestyle. It took me to define my true inner self, a true relationship with my own personal characteristics. Don't take me wrong, I have always loved myself, as in I never thought of suicide or any detrimental self harm, but I loved me, "just enough".

To get through the awkard stages, I portrayed myself as a tom-boy to hide for the ease of hiding my extra curves that i was not yet able to coincide with on my stouty unfigurative frame. It was until my freshman year in college that I understood the phrase "Fat is where it's at". But as I discovered this new self-proclamation, Actions from my peers of the opposite sex showed internal and external damage to my conscious.

Many times women who are on the larger variety are often accrued to the stereotypical assumptions of having low self esteem. They are often toyed with and taken advantage of by not having a devout understanding of self worth and self love. So to keep the attention from one they have acquired a desire upon, they will do anything under the sun to keep a man happy, who in turn keeps them sad, misinterpreting it for love.

Now, as I am developing into the woman my creator has destined me to be, I take every opporturnity to share my knowledge of the struggles a fat, black, woman has to endure to be SOMEBODY on Earth. It saddens me that beauty can't be accepted in every form it shows its self in.

Everyone and eveything has to blossom from the negativity and dirt pits it asunders from. I am the lily in the valley of peace, the remarkable joy of an infants smile,...

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