The life

The life

Stephen Le

Texas Training Center

Competitive shooting has been a long past time tradition in many states. Specifically here in Texas we have many shooting ranges. These ranges come in all different sizes from small bays approximately 25x25 yards, long range that reaches out to 1000yards, and to more traditional courses for field and trap shooting. There are thousands of shooting clubs in the United States that host matches at these ranges. Local club matches net roughly 30-50 shooters every week to shoot a competition match. Typical fees range from $25-$45 depending on what discipline of competition you’re shooting. The majority of competition shooters are invested in the pistol discipline. However, the newest discipline and also the fastest growing field is 3 Gun. In 3 Gun you must master the shotgun, rifle, and pistol. Major and or pay out type matches will incur roughly 300 to 400 competitors all around the United States. The cost of these matches ranges from $300 to $400 depending on the location. The reason for the high cost is due to the range as they take 35% cut on all shooters as the range is usually rented out for 2 to 3 days.

I am building a range that will be able to host both dedicated pistol and 3 gun matches. I plan on hosting at least 5 majors a year at our range. On the low end, I expect to be paid $90,000 per match and with 5 majors I would be looking at $450,000 a year before expenses.
The start up costs is extremely high. I am looking about $700,000 to have fully functioning range.
Average cost of land is $10,000/acre. 40acres: $400,000
2500 square feet steel building with building : $145,000
Targets and supplies: $50,000
Permits, legal, and licenses: $5,000
Dirt moving: $100,000

During the months that we would not be hosting a major match, we would be running local weekly matches for competitors to shoot. I plan on running 24 matches a year. This averages to about 3 a month taking into account of weather...

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