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The lost one

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The Lost Ones (short story)

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The Lost Ones
The Lost Ones
Doctor: First Doctor
Main enemy: Sons of the Sun
Main setting: Vortis
Key crew
Illustrator: Walter Howarth
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Annual 1966
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Doctor Who annual
The Sons of the Crab The Monsters from Earth

The Lost Ones was the third short story published in the Doctor Who Annual 1966.
Summary Edit
The Lost ones - 2

Axatil & the Doctor

The Doctor arrives on an unknown world and decides to investigate his surroundings. After momentarily losing control of his body, he is rescued by the Menoptera and made their prisoner. They believe the Doctor a member of the race attacking them.

The Menoptera quickly move the Doctor to an underground lair for questioning. They explain that, generations before, a Zarbi queen led the Zarbi to war against the Menoptera, who then fled to the moons of Vortis. The Menoptera who captured the Doctor are of an advance scouting party who were sent to spy on the Zarbi. The party had been attacked by creatures similar to the Doctor and the Menoptera want to know more about them.

The Menoptera bind the Doctor to an operating table and prepare for dissection. Realising the bonds are weak, the Doctor snaps them and makes a break for the cavern's entrance. Before he gets far, a man appears on a ledge on the wall opposite to the cavern's mouth and, scrambling up the wall, the Doctor joins him. The Doctor realises that this is no normal man, but an eight foot tall giant with bright red hair and pale white skin.

The man is surprised to...

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