The Lost

The Lost

According to our previous discussions about the Reform of the UN, please follow the next directions:

1. Paper will be 5 pages.
2. Two sources of information are needed (official, can be electronic)
3. The paper is due on March 03rd (tuesday)
4. It is essential to tackle the most important issues of the Refom process and comment them.
5. Be sure to manage a conclusion.
6. It is mandatory to use your own wording to analyze the problem
7. Following the format given in the first day of class is required.
8. The assignment will be considered homework for percentage matters.


International organisms and UN comments
Reform comment
Thesis: a reform is needed, in favor. Type? With less probability of risk
Method: theory support

Creation of the UN
Reform process
In March, 1992 the Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali changed the organization of the Secretariat, bringing many programs together into a single large Department for Economic and Social Development. Also he reduced the status of UN disarmament work and closed down the UN Centre on Transnational Corporations. In addition, he contributed to the end of Commission on Transnational Corporations work.

Then it was the “Earth Summit,” where the issues were the importance of the statement of establish new international norms on environmental issues, for that the UN World Summit on Environment and Development at Rio de Janeiro set new standards for NGO and public involvement in global conferences. A year later continued the changes; the UN General Assembly created the post of High Commissioner for Human Rights. Also, in the Security Council, was created "Arria Formula" that enables the Council to invite guests for informal meetings, which gives the Council access to new information.

In February, 1994 The General Assembly set up the Office of Internal Oversight Services, a watchdog body to look out for malfeasance and...

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