The Maid and the Million Dollar Sweepstakes

The Maid and the Million Dollar Sweepstakes

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Mr. S

English 1113

9 March 2009

The Maid and the Million dollar sweepstakes

Nan was poor black women who lived on a plantation in Georgia in 1775. She was the

nanny to a prominent plantation owner’s daughter and his daughters name was Jill.

“This sure is a fine house. I wish this house was mine,” said the short plump black maid.

“Nan! Nan!” screamed Jill , a gangly girl.

“You are such a messy girl. What has happened to day darn dress?”

“I was running down by the pool and slipped down into Harry’s outdoor bathroom!”

she cried.

“Sakes alive! You do stink little girl. I think you best better change dem dar clothes.”

“But Nan you don’t understand, I have to wear this tonight! Anything else will be

unsuitable,” said Jill. I am attending my first ever, Debutante Ball.

Nan replied “go on you little varmint. I’ll go fetch my purse and go down to dat dar

store down de road and get you another one of dem dar dresses.”

“O.K! thanks Nan you are the best.”

“And you are the worst child.”

“Guess I better gitta going on down the road.” Then Nan began to sing “De camp town

ladies sing dis song DO Dah Do Dah. De the race track is five miles long oh do Dah Day,” Nan

sang as her horse slowly walked down the street, “Lazy day here already.” Nan entered the store

and picked up a dress and turned to walk out the door. Then she saw a big sign that said “WIN


“Gee whiz, I think I’ll sign for dat dar money.” So Nan signed up for “dat dar money.”

She went outside, the got up on her horse. “Getty up hoss! I have to get back to dat house and

fix dat dar outside bathroom. Shoo-wee!”

When Nan was done cleaning the bath house, she went back in the house and turned on

Dat dar radio. So that way she could listen to de news. As she was listening, she heard the

announcer say, “The super million dollar winner is Nan Betler!” Nan was shocked to hear her...

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