The Main Cntributor to Pollution Problems

The Main Cntributor to Pollution Problems

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Conserving energy is very important for the future of our planet. Most of the

energy produced today is being used at very high rates and is the main contributor to

most of our pollution problems. It is pertinent that energy consumption rates are slowed,

at least until cleaner ways are found to produce energy. Another tangible benefit of

conserving energy is that the consumer will save money. Although conserving energy

will change the way we live to some extent, but also each successive generation to come.

There are two types of energy sources. They are called renewable and nonrenewable

energy. Renewable energy will be in existence as long as the planet is functioning

normally. Some examples of renewable energy sources are solar energy, wind energy and

geothermal energy. The best part is that none of these renewable energy sources pollute

our environment. Nonrenewable energy comes from oil, natural gas and coal. Oil, natural

gas and coal are the three most used energy resources, but there are many problems

associated with using them. First, these resources are nonrenewable. They are always in

limited supply and will eventually be depleted. In addition, using these resources produce

harmful chemicals that pollute the land, water and air in our environment. This is

currently the only life-supporting environment known to exist in the entire universe.

There is no doubt that oil, natural gas and coal are very useful for many reasons. At their

current rates of use, they are being exploited to their limits and are producing too much

pollution for our environment to withstand. As a result, there is a dire need for everyone

to begin conserving energy and find more economical ways to use renewable energy

sources instead.

There are certain things that every individual can do to conserve energy and protect

the environment at the same time. Three examples are:

1. Reduce driving by carpooling, riding a...

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