The Main Differences Between the Vision of Major's Words and the Grim Reality of Napoleon's

The Main Differences Between the Vision of Major's Words and the Grim Reality of Napoleon's

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Animal Farm Essay

Topic 1: ‘The novel begins with Major’s speech and ends with one by Napoleon. Although both speeches were made by pigs they could hardly be more different in tone and content. Discuss the main differences between the visions of Major’s words and the grim reality of Napoleon’s.

Through the two speeches made by Old Major and Napoleon in the book Animal Farm, we are able to see the vast contrast between the two characters and their dramatically different views on life. Where Major injects hope and joy, Napoleon inflicts despair and fear. The events, which follow, shatter Major’s bright visions of the future, and echo despairingly the grim reality of Napoleon’s. Pigs made both speeches, however the similarities end there.

Major’s address to the animals was full of dreams for a brighter future. With his words, he was able to illustrate a world in which, the animals were able to be free. In his address to the animals he brings to their attention, the fact that their “lives are miserable, laborious and short”(pg 3). Major does not hide from them the truth but instead is painstakingly honest “no animal is free” showing the animals the true nature of their grim lives (pg 3). Major does not only attempt to show the animals the reality of their situation he demonstrates ways in which they can improve their current situation “…get rid of man, and the produce of our labour would be our own” (pg 5). Major’s speech elicits hope and gathers momentum amongst the animals encouraging for there to be “perfect unity” amongst them (pg 6). Major’s uplifting tone and the encouraging content of his speech create a magical world full of hope and ideas for the future, far away from the bleak and dismal words of Napoleon.

The executions were an event, which almost completely crushed all the hope and excitement Major had first instilled in the other animals through his speech. Napoleons ruthless leadership, which led to the killings completely contradicted...

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