The main factors influencing the effect of squeeze oil

The main factors influencing the effect of squeeze oil

mainly including press structure and squeezing conditions. The two aspects of in addition, oil mill structure and selection will also affect the oil to a certain extent

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Effect. Squeeze the influence of the structure of vats material structure refers to the mechanical structure and structure both inside and outside. Press material depends mainly on the structure of the nature

The stand or fall of pretreatment, primarily steaming and frying, and the composition of the oil itself. The general requirements of press material structure. Press material particle size should be suitable

When and consistent, press material inside and outside of the structure of the good consistency and press material better, less the number of complete cell press material density in does not affect the inside and outside

Structure under the premise of the more the better. For press material oil viscosity and surface tension in the lower as far as possible, press material particles have enough plasticity.
In general, with the increase of squeeze material moisture content, its plasticity is also gradually increasing. When the water reaches a certain point, squeeze out the oil

Best conditions when the moisture content of call it "the optimal moisture" or critical moisture. For a certain press material, under certain conditions, there is a

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Relatively narrow range of optimal moisture. Of course, the optimal moisture range at the same time and other factors, the first is temperature, protein denaturation degree linked closely

. Factors influencing the press material structural properties. In many press structure properties of squeeze material mechanical properties, especially the plasticity of squeezing

Oil effect is the largest. Squeeze in oil, other conditions including shell and roughly the same case, its plasticity is mainly affected by moisture and temperature

And the influence of protein denaturation.

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