The Main Problem of Humanity Is Forgetting the Creator

The Main Problem of Humanity Is Forgetting the Creator

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The Main Problem of Humanity is Forgetting The Creator

by Shah Abdul Hannan

Philosophically thinking, the biggest problem of the world is forgetting Allah, the creator; to  become indifferent of His existence. Allah subhana wa ta-a-la said, "O Man! what has seduced thee from thy Lord Most Benificent?" (82:6). At present day it is indeed a reality that mankind is  negligent of their creator. Atheistic beliefs are predominant  in Europe and a major trend in America.  Russia had been a self declared atheist nation for long. Even among the believers, many are skeptics. Skeptics don't openly claim that there is no Creator but  they are insensitive about the existence of a creator and do not consider remembrance of Him as an important matter. 
This is the condition of all  communities, even  those who believe in God are oblivious of Him in their practical life. In comparison, however, the Muslims are yet less affected by atheism and skepticism. They are more or less practicing believers. Even the Muslims, who consider themselves secular, observe the Islamic rituals to some extent. They too say their prayers, do fasting in the Ramadan, celebrate the Eids and care about the Halal and Haraam.
Forgetfulness of God has basically created two problems: materialism and atheism.  The above mentioned two are the fundamental reason of the crisis of the world today. It can be mentioned that hard-core or extreme secularism produce same kind of behaviour as the atheists and skeptics.
The forgetfulness of God has also affected the education system, which is entirely built upon secularism. Present day science is based on secular perception. European scholars and even the Muslim scholars today do not begin their books with "the name of Creator or God". On the contrary, when the Muslims were making development in science, learning from China and India, they contributed into many branches of sciences. At that time, Muslim scientists used to start every books of science...

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