The Maintenance of Single-stage Crusher

The Maintenance of Single-stage Crusher

At present, there are many types of crushers and each has unique functions, for instance, jaw crusher is suitable for coarse crushing, cone crusher is suitable for medium crushing and fine crushing and ball mill and rod mill are suitable for powder grinding with different granularity requirements. Some customers may ask if there is a machine that can basically realize the function of a production line. This is a good question. Fote Machinery has researched and developed a machine-single-stage crusher which is a machine equal to a whole production line.

When maintaining single-stage crusher in the running process, the following aspects should be paid attention:

1. Examination before operation

a. Check the lubrication of the bearing of main shaft, feeding roll and middle shaft and the oil of the reducer.

b. Check if there are any foreign matters inside the crushing chamber.

c. Check If the feeding roll knocks again the around part.

d. Check if the rotation direction of the output shaft of the transmission reducer of the feeding roll.

e. Check the rotor jigger and clear all the unnecessary metal clash noises.

f. Check if the long collar screw, bolts of all parts and foundation bolts are loose.

g. Check if the rotation direction of the electromotor is correct.

h. Check if all the doors of the machine are closed.

2. Operation of the equipment

a. Check if there is metal clash in the operation.

b. Check if the operation of rotor and feeding roll is stable.

c. The temperature of the bearing of the main shaft should not exceed 80℃, and the bearing temperature of the high-speed shaft should not exceed 90℃ and the temperature of the sliding bearing of the feeding roll should not exceed 65℃.

d. Check if the current of the main electromotor is steady.

e. After stopping the machine, check the bolts and the coupling pins of all parts, screw down the loose bolts and long coupling bolts of the rotor and drive the wedge of the...

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