The Man of Steel vs the Dark Knight

The Man of Steel vs the Dark Knight

The Man of Steel VS The Dark Knight

Superman and Batman are two of the comic book world’s most widely

recognized superheroes and not often do two characters contrast and match each other so

well. Superman or Kal-el, the last son of Krypton, Clark Kent the adopted son of earth,

faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive - he is the epitome of a

superhero. Batman, the alter - ego of the millionaire Bruce Wayne, the world's best

detective, the Dark Knight of Gotham City. He who not only walks above the law,

but becomes the law itself.

The various origin stories all have Superman coming to Earth from his home

planet of Krypton in a rocket, narrowly escaping the apocalypse that shattered his world.

There, he was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, a caring family from Smallvile

longing for a child and so they raised him as one of their own. Clark would eventually

leave the city of Smallville to go into Metropolis. There he developed the Superman

persona and began to defend the world from the likes of Lex Luthor, Braniac, and

Apocalypse. Batman's origins are slightly different from Superman. He was born into a

wealthy family as Bruce Wayne who lived a normal life at a very young age until his

parents were killed at gunpoint during a back alley robbery. That moment would shape

young Bruce Wayne's life as he was raised by his loyal butler, Alfred, until he turned

eighteen at which point Bruce began to travel the globe learning various martial arts and

weapons training. After about six or seven years of traveling and training, Bruce returns

to Gotham City and finds it to be corrupted beyond all belief. With crime lords running

the streets and government offices, Bruce decides to take matters in his own hands. Using

the bat - an image to strike fear into his foes - Bruce developed the persona Batman.

Combining all his newly acquired skills and technology, courtesy of his own company...

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