The Management Planning

The Management Planning

Management Paper

Carrie Barnes

330/ Management Theory

August 3rd, 2010
Valerie Patterson

Management Planning Paper

WorldCom is a public relations group which is the leading network of independently owned public relations counseling firms. WorldCom has 105 offices in 91 cities, in 40 countries. WorldCom is the only network that is international, that has a requirement that partners meet stringent standards of management for business planning, company evaluations, financial systems, service delivery, consistency of process, development of staff and training and have a firm marketing strategy. WorldCom has standards that they follow every three years, each firm goes under peer assessment of its management, and after the assessment management must meet WorldCom standards to remain with the company.
WorldCom telecommunication business was at the top of the game, but with all the acquisitions obtained by the company and their deviation of their three year plan and spent all their financial reserves and was unable to build their reserve back to a workable plan that would enable them to become profitable therefore they were forced in to bankruptcy. The management of WorldCom poorly slammed the company’s financial integration which sadly helped them lead the company to bankruptcy. Many obstacles led to this misfortune, poor planning with the combination of features of the economic which help gain companies into a organization. World Com management falsified stock data and financial reports to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. This is a violation of the securities act of 1933.
Organizations and the legal and ethical, social issues had a affect on the stakeholders within the company. With the company and the factors which continually impact the process of the planning which is performed at each levels? When organization that tends to establish and neglect and monitor its plans, the organization will lose control of...

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