The Mcdonald's Global Goal

The Mcdonald's Global Goal

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When a company like McDonald’s is operating globally the only option to keep the business in track is by monitoring everything that goes on. This includes being very social and having contacts around the market. Having everything under control is what keeps the company flowing and operating for a long period. Becoming a well known company with an enormous prestige is a compromising business. The reputation of the company has to be kept intact and in good shape. When a company is known globally the only problem is making sure is not going to be suit for any reason. Making sure a company follows rules and regulations is important in order to not fall into any problems.

The goals McDonald’s are to insure everything is operating the right way and the best quality of service is being given to the customer. The mission of a company is to keep the service running and for everything to be just like the way customers want it to be. In order to keep the customer satisfies the business has to have everything the way it is being asked for. Suggestions are always welcome to keep the service in the right quality. The business is to presume the best service ever and have the competition under control. If everything is given the way the customer asks for it then more likely the business is to be recommended to others.

Making things a bit different with the acknowledgement of the customer is always best for the business. Like in every business when McDonalds needs to improve something the best suggestions come from the consumer. The consumer can be the perfect person to say what can be better or worse if anything is to be changed. Adding a new look can be of positive result as of negative, it all depends on the opinion of the consumer. Innovating a product has to do with changing appearance and quality to impress the consumer.

The menu is not always the same in every part of the world. McDonalds is a global...

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