The Melting Pot Society

The Melting Pot Society

Hispanic American Diversity

University of Phoenix Axia Campus

Erica Tweed

There are many groups within the United States, which is why we are a melting pot society. Although we have many different races, ethnicities, and cultures within our society we make it work. Some of the many different groups are Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Cuban Americans, and Central and South Americans. Although these Americans do share a common language, they have many differences within their culture just as African Americans have differences from White Americans.

Mexican Americans have been a part of the United States for many years. Since, many Mexican Americans have remained here for many years, almost a fourth of them speak English dominantly, about a fourth speaks English, and Spanish equally, and about half of Mexican Americans speak mainly Spanish. Mexican Americans have a high value in family traditions. Majority of their families are headed by a mother and a father. Less than fifteen percent of Mexican Americans are headed by females only. However, many of these families remain under the poverty limits within the United States. Many Mexican Americans do not have the proper education to make a decent living to support their family members. Mexican Americans have decided to stick to the “normal American” look, they only wear the colors of their nation on holidays and celebrations. Mexican Americans have been mostly Catholic, as their main religion over the year. Some Mexican Americans, have chosen other religious groups, but Catholic remains the main religion within their culture. Mexican Americans have been severely underappreciated in the political aspect, because of discrimination. However, Mexican Americans have slowly developed into American politics. More than half of Mexican Americans consider themselves Democrats. Although it may have taken time, Mexican Americans have become equals parts in the United States (Englekirk, A. and Marín, M...

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