The Merchandise

The Merchandise

Analyzing Credibility
Who paid for each example to be created? The company that owns the merchandise that is selling is the one that paid for each example.

* Can you detect a slant—that is, a secondary opinion conveyed by the examples’ creators? I think there could possibly be slants in each of the examples simply because the word they are trying to get out can constitute as an opinion because the ad might say it’s the best in the world but a person could argue and assume otherwise.
o    What does each example reflect about society at large? Is it credible? Explain your answers. I think each example reflects about different things in society today. Whether it comes to food, politics, etc. I think the ads could be credible because they are based on things that reflect our everyday lives. We all need food and that is one of the ads that are created. It gives you a broader view on things surrounding the world could be good for you or bad.

    Answer the following in regard to the news clip in a 50- to 100-word response:

  Are you skeptical of the sources’ credibility? Why or why not? I do not really think there is real credibility in these clippings simply because it’s coming from the people that created the clips in the beginning. It is up to the people to actually investigate to find out if it’s true and worth trying out and it is exactly as described so I would say that I am neutral on the sources credibility.

  Do you detect any bias? Why or why not? I would definitely say that I detect some bias the reason I say this is because any one that thinks their merchandise or product is the best is bias simply because they are one sided in the issue without taking account that there may be something out there better.

  Answer the following in regard to a video ad on one of the links above in a 100- to 200-word response:

  Does the ad make a claim? The ad is making a claim that eating the burger is like falling in love...

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