The Microscope

The Microscope

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Lap report: The Microscope
a. The compound microscope

1. Used as handle to carry microscope arm
2. Lenses attached to the nosepiece objective lens
3. Concentrates light on the object condenser
4. Lens you look through ocular lens
5. Platform on which slides are placed stage
6. Rotates to change objectives revolving nosepiece
7. The shortest objective Low power objective
8. The longest objective high power objective
9. Control knob used for sharp focusing fine-focusing knob
10. Control knob used rough focusing Coarse focusing knob
11. Controls amount of light entering condenser diaphragm

b. List the power of the ocular and objectives

Ocular(s) objective Magnification
10x 40x 400x

c. terms matching each meaning
1. Tissue used to clean lenses lens tissue
2. objective with the least working distance high power objective
3.slide with an attached cover glass prepared slide
4.objective with the largest field 4x objective

Initial observations
a.the direction the image moves when the slide is moved:
To the left right away from you up towards me

Indicate the steps to be used on an object with the high-power objective.
The object should be focus with the 10X objective and center it. Rotate the 4X and bring into focus with the fine-focusing knob
The best way to relocate an object that is “lost” while viewing with the high power objective
Use the 10X objective and bring it into focus

Diameter of field
Indicate the estimated diameter of field at each total magnification for your microscope.
Magnification diameter of Field 4x...

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