The Middle Ages Clothing

The Middle Ages Clothing

Medieval time period (the middle ages)

Kings and queens would often wear brightly colored silks and their crowns. The clothing they had was very expensive, and they were the one with enough money to afford that clothing.

Shoe makers and their spouse would wear borealis hats. Along with their hats, they would also wear woolen coats with fur-trimmed sleeves.

The daily wear of manor lord were felt hats with stirrups and brown jackets.

The peasants (citizens/people) daily wear were:
Straw hats they made
Linen shirts they made
Leather flasks
Hoses (pants)
And good luck charms or pewter badges

The Crusades-
Proud knights in the Crusades would march towards forgiveness of their sins, filled with greed. Bloodshed, they believed, was worth it, and to them dying was worth it as well. The Crusades of the middle ages would take out any one that stood in front of them while on their way to victory while marching towards Jerusalem.

The steps of Knighthood-

If a boy born from a knight turns either 6 or 7 years old, he is sent to a nearby castle from home to begin training. There in the castle the boy is trained to become a knight by the lord of the castle. Here he becomes a Page, and becomes the assistant of his lord by helping him dress up and put on his armor. While in training the page (boy) plays many training games that include wrestling, piggy-back wrestling, and sword practice with blunt wooden swords and these tiny round shields that were called bucklers. They were not though how to read or write because they believed that it wasn’t to knightly.

The page became a squire if at the age of the page showed promise, then he’d become a squire. The job of a squire is to be the personal server of a knight. The squire would bring replacements of lances, swords, horses, or any other item that was damaged, to his knight during battle. Squires were aloud to play games with real weapons against real knights… the squires...

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