The missle project

The missle project

Yasmine Pugh

Business 518

Dr. Simpson

November 14, 2015


This paper will identify with the leadership actions and tactics of, Professor Terry Little. Expound upon several of the contributions, accomplishments as well as the input, Little was responsible for in heading, the Air-to-Surface-Standoff-Missile-Program. This assignment provides a brief description of Professor Terry Little, the quality of transformational leadership ability he exhibited, and the significant role he played, engineering the Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile program. To analyze the key-actions of Professor Terry Little, provide a vision statement, recommend an alternate course-of-action, describe a couple of the consistencies and inconsistencies associated with Little’s leadership style, construct an argument in regard to the methods used in the JASSM program and recommend strategies which could’ve been implemented.

The vision statement for the JASSM missile is, to engineer and construct a high-tech, prototype missile, that will overall ensure system effectiveness, be broad ranged, and have carrier operability. The weapon will be built within the designated time and cost barriers. Team members are required to perform their duties in a timely and professional manner. Project decision making will be based upon situational preference, and protocol is to be followed at all times.
Professor Terry Little is a program manager, who was pulled by Air Force superiors, from the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) missile program, and delegated to lead, the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff missile program (JASSM), in 1995. Upon being hurled into the leadership position of a program that was on a path of failure. Little restructured the program, revised and drafted the project’s Single Acquisition management Plan. Little was presented with two mandates when initially handed the project, which were not to repeat the pattern of...

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