The Mix Tape

The Mix Tape

Element One (Faithfulness):

Here It Goes Again-OkGo

To me, this song is a lesson to be loyal to the person you love otherwise you hurt them. The lyrics talk about guilt for cheating/ having a one night stand, and how they can’t control it. I think that this song teaches listeners to be loyal to the people they care about and that if they are faithful, their partners will be too.
The singer is talking about how bad the situation is and how bad he wants to stop. This also is a good lesson on free will and strength. He needs to have the strength to say no and to be strong.
I think of God when I hear this song because we are to be loyal to him and we aren’t supposed to hurt him, just like we aren’t supposed to hurt our loved ones. We have a responsibility to be faithful to God and to respect him and treat him with dignity just like our partners.
The lesson being taught in this song is a good lesson for everyone to learn because it is helpful to learn to trust people and to be trusted. If you trust someone, and they are good to you, it makes you want to be good too. It’s a very encouraging song to be good and not be like the girl he’s talking about.
My favorite line of the song is when they say, “It starts out easy, something simple, something sleazy, something inching past the edge of the reserve,” because they are talking about how things can seem easy at first, but then as more temptations come into the picture, things can get harder very easily.

Element Two (Sacrifice):

Boston - Augustana

This song is also about Sacrifice. It is about a guy who has gone through a lot, but he picks up his feet and keeps going. He moves away, to Boston (hence the name of the song) and he starts a new life.
This is a big sacrifice for him to have to make because he has to leave everything behind him and start fresh. Because of whatever happened to him, he has to go through a lot to fix things.
When I hear this song I think of God because sometimes we...

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