The Mode Characteristics of the Texts

The Mode Characteristics of the Texts

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A) Describe and explain the mode characteristics of the texts.

B) Analyse and evaluate how the writers of Text A and B create meanings.

Text A is an article from The Guardian newspaper about a new book of “student slang”. Text B consists of extracts from online comments responding to an article in the Daily Mail about new slang. Text A is a written mode which is permanent, and can be intended for a broad, unknown audience and, therefore, more likely to be formal than a spoken text, whereas Text B is a website, therefore this makes it less permanent. However, both texts are more informal and more of a colloquial nature.

Text A’s main mode characteristics are that it is a written text that has been planned thoroughly, which has the use of informal language but is Standard English. It is also transactional, therefore it is an exchange of information that has been put together and it is permanent. The written text is permanent because, it is an article that has been sighted by The Guardian and is now being used as part of a student slang dictionary. Similarly, Text B is in blended mode but it is unplanned. This is unplanned because, the comments are unexpected and some of the opinions are not thought through but is written to show their views and their opinions. It is also informal and mostly standard English. In addition, it is transactional giving the impression that it is exchanging knowledge. However, Text B differs from Text A as Text B is distant because, there are comments that are made by people who do not know one another and it is delayed because, a comment will be received and then uploaded. A person will then take their time to read and then post their comment and they would go through the same process, therefore it takes up more time and it is not immediate, for example, like MSN Messenger.

The function of text A is to describe and explain to the audience the different meanings of words...

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