The Modern and Future Aspect of Human Life

The Modern and Future Aspect of Human Life

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Electronics are the modern and future aspect of our human lifes. Are they important in school or not ? Should we be allowed electronics in school? Electronics are important for emergency calls and work facilities. They bring us some joy and entertainment.

Cellphones should be allowed in school. Every month we pay our cellphone bill to get our service which is really expensive. We would have to pay 50 cents for a call . For any reasons it could be personal as well as an information call . Cellphones help us transmit messages threw texts or phone calls for example an emergency call. If the hospital or a sibling wants to call you for the dead of your mother or any other reason and they have to pass through the automatic machine on the school phone. They then have to wait until they get an answer from the Secretary to tell her what is happening. Then the secretary has to hang up , find your class that your in, then call you to tell you to come downstairs. Can you see all the steps there is before you get the information. Thats one reason cellphones should be allowed.

If you're having a problem or problems which you d’ont want to share with people in school. If you want to talk to a sibling or a parent rightaway without anyone knowing what is happening. Paybooths are there but in the middle of where everyone is . You can’t talk about your problem to your sibling without everyone listening or looking at you as if you have cellphones you can go where you want to talk to them. For example outside in the toilets anywhere where you feel comfortable and silent to talk to them.

Electronics should be allowed between classes and at lunch when it’s our free time. Like it says our free time, the students should be allowed to do what they want. Listening to your ipod or mp3 doesn’t kill or hurt anyone. If you listen to it in a civilized way, calm, it shouldn’t be a problem. Like i sayed for cellphones we could call siblings , parents ,...

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