The Monologue

The Monologue

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A monologue consists of just one person on stage speaking to the audience. There are no other characters that speak.
Particular impacts from a monologue impacts on the audience and makes the audience fee as if they are being talked to by the character.

Dramatic devices have a particular effect on the audience by using tragic-comedy.

‘Policeman:”Hello, Hello? Are you alright?”
‘Doris: “No, I’m alright!”

The quote is a tragedy because Doris is sending away help that she needs, but she wants to be independent, so she is stubborn enough to send him away.

“I’m going to have to migrate or I’ll catch my death”

This quote is comedy because Doris is upset and tries to hide her grief by joking when she says something that is too hard for her to take in. She is hiding her grief about her husband dying and the loss of her baby as it was still born also she wants to be more independent and do things by herself and her own way.
This has an effect on the audience because they know that what Doris says is upsetting for her and she has to cover up her feelings and emotion, the audience notice this and feel her emotion.

Doris is the main character and is the person who is talking directly to you.

“They don’t put people in Stafford house for just running round with the Ew-bank!”

This quote shows that Doris is speaking in the conversation with someone. And using language she would use as if she was talking to someone she knew very well.
Bennett creates more of the character by using northern dialect, such as; ‘Ew-bank, ‘ ‘Flaming’, ‘Lasses’, ‘Cheeky monkey’ and ‘Pull your horns up’, to make a more realistic character and lets the audience feel as if Doris is more a real person, rather than a character in a scene.
If we can recognise Doris as a real person, who we could have a conversation with, each one of her problems becomes more personal to the audience and the character also helps us to feel the character pain and grief.


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