The Montagues and the Caplets

The Montagues and the Caplets

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Romeo and Juliet

How does Shakespeare use dramatic devices in Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet?

Shakespeare has written a play about two types of people; The Montague’s and the Caplets. Love is a major theme in this because Romeo and Juliet fall deeply in love with each other but are forbidden to be together mainly because Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet. Despite her father making sure he does everything he can to prevent them being together they secretly get married. Without Juliet knowing her father arranges for her to marry Paris.

In that day and age arranged marriages were vital, partly because families were all about wealth, power status and respect. Throughout the play Juliet is discreetly reminded that to men, women have no power and are overruled by their decisions for instance, “ Well, Well, thou hast a careful father” meaning he knows whose right for her and no matter what or how Juliet feels about it, she has no input in the situation.

Shakespeare has purposely made each individual character lead a double life. I believe he has done this to make the audience feel more engaged in the play and have an understanding on the pressure they were put under. A good example of this is the Nurse. She is condemned to keep all Juliet’s secrets or simply face the streets. She cannot confront Lord Capulet because firstly it will be betraying Juliet and secondly the high risk of ending up on the streets to die. Also all the characters clearly have their own personality and all through the play Shakespeare has made it quite pronounced who is in charge. Juliet opens her mouth, but before she has a chance to say a word. “Speak not, reply not, and do not answer me!” This is giving the impression that Capulet is in charge and by saying not after everything indicates his status.

Another dramatic device the audience has mostly definitely picked up on is forewarning. This is because only the audience get the full aspect of it. Forewarning is where...

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