The Most Exciting Story Since Sliced Bread

The Most Exciting Story Since Sliced Bread

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The most exciting story since sliced bread!

Hey Ziggy! How’s the family?

You’ll never believe what’s going on down here in Hillsboro! Do you remember my science teacher I was telling you about, Mr. Cates? He’s been arrested! A few days ago the town mayor and the sheriff came to my classroom and took him away. Apparently, what Mr. Cates was teaching us was illegal! I don’t understand why it’s illegal, it was so interesting. Although, mother seemed to be very happy about me getting a new teacher because she said that his teachings went against religion. He was explaining to us a theory called Evolution, something about how the earth evolved by itself during a long period of time. He also mentioned that we evolved from monkeys! I didn’t believe it at first, but then he explained us all the facts and he read us documents that these fancy scientific people wrote. Don’t tell anyone, but after hearing Mr. Cates speak, the evolution theory makes much more sense to me then the theory that Reverend Brown always talks about. Boy, I’m so tired of that Reverend Brown fellow.

Anyways, enough with the boring stuff! Guess who they brought in for the case? Mathew Harrison Brady, the public icon and Henry Drummond, the devil himself! Going head to head in the biggest case of the century! Those two have been bringing in so much publicity to our small town, there are cameramen everywhere! The case has already been in session for a few days, but I didn’t have time to write to you until now. Man, you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s so interesting to watch all the arguments that have been going on in the courthouse. I didn’t really like Drummond at first, but he turned out to be such a comedian! He’s really been embarrassing Brady, Mr. Brady made a stupid comment about Drummonds suspenders on the first day of the trial, and Drummond quickly responded that he had bought those suspenders in Brady’s hometown! The most shocking part of the trial so far was when...

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