The Most Stressful and Horrible Moment of My Life

The Most Stressful and Horrible Moment of My Life

Write about an event that was a challenge for you in the past. What was the event? How did the event challenge you? How did you respond? What did you learn, or how did you change?

Clear and effective topic sentence in the beginning of the paragraph.
Double spaced. Use of past tense is effective.
Complete sentences. (subject and verb which agree)
Indent the first line
Paragraph Unity and Coherence are evident.
You have developed your idea effectively and with enough support.

I have been married for 3 years now. Like ordinary married couple I have some ups and downs in our marriage. We always have conversation and discussion when we have faced some challenges and we used to overcome our differences, however I was about face most stressful and horrible moment of my life.

It was 6 months ago that my husband came to home around 2AM.
I was surprised that he didn't call. I'm sure that he had some emergency. My husband looked tired so I didn't bother him at that moment. Few days later, he went out again and came back around 3AM.
Next day, I ask him where was he and he told me he was drinking with friends. I was so shock at that moment because my husband have never drink that late before. My husband told me he was getting a lot of stress and this was how he suppose to handle his stress. I told him that I can't allow you drink that late because it's good for your health and our marriage. He told that he will try to have few drink from now on. I was getting angry. I mean he can always drink at home or come home early. In fact, he's my husband and he should have been act responsibly. We had huge argument every night.
He went out like little teenager and I was like being mother. One day, I told him to divorce with me.
Actually, I didn't want to divorce with him. That was some sort of warning. It didn't worked out pretty well. He wanted to get divorce with me. I was so sad. We didn't talk for a week.
Everyday, I was crying. My lovely husband is gone...

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