The Movie "Crash" by Paul Haggis

The Movie "Crash" by Paul Haggis

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story by Paul Haggis screenplay by Paul Haggis & Bobby Moresco Directed by Paul Haggis

Producers: Cathy Schulman Bob Yari Don Cheadle Paul Haggis Mark Harris Bobby Moresco

Excerpt from Final Production Draft

Property of Bull's Eye Productions, all rights reserved.

CRASH OVER BLACK we hear the sound of a violent rear-end COLLISION, brakes locking, metal crunching, tires skidding as a car spins, horns blaring, gravel spitting. Then silence. We start to glimpse faint, unfocused images of flashing lights. Superimpose: Tomorrow. GRAHAM (V.O.) It's the sense of touch. RIA (V.O.) ...What? GRAHAM (V.O.) Any real city, you walk, you're bumped, brush past people. In LA, no one touches you.... FADE UP to find: 1 INT. GRAHAM & RIA'S SEDAN - CLOSE ON GRAHAM -- NIGHT GRAHAM sits in the passenger seat of a sedan that lies skewed on the gravel shoulder, red lights playing on the passenger side window. He's black, thirties, staring off, either dazed or grappling with a very deep thought. GRAHAM (continuing) We're always behind metal and glass. Think we miss that touch so much, we crash into each other just to feel something. He looks to the driver, RIA, American-born Hispanic, thirties, heart racing, breathing hard, but watching Graham with real concern. A MOTORCYCLE COP appears at her open window. MOTORCYCLE COP You two all right? RIA I think he mighta hit his head. GRAHAM You don't think that's true? MOTORCYCLE COP Stay in your car. The officer moves off. 1


2. 1 CONTINUED: RIA Graham, we were rear-ended. We spun around twice. Somewhere in there one of us lost our frame of reference. I'm gonna go look for it. She climbs out. Graham looks off through his side window. The reflections from emergency lights and flares play on his face; too many lights for a simple traffic accident. 2 EXT. FAIRFAX AVE. - CONTINUOUS Ria walks toward the Volvo that just rear-ended them. Its driver, KIM LEE, an agitated Korean woman, screams at the motorcycle cop...

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