the movie crash

the movie crash


Introduction of myself


This movie Crash shows the lives of various individuals in different social class, the upper middle, middle, and the lower class. The characters are a brentwood housewife and her DA husband. A Persian store owner. Two police detectives who are a interracial couple. A Mexican locksmith. Two car-jackers. A rookie cop and his partner. A black television director and his wife and a middle-aged Korean couple. They all live in Los Angeles and in the next 36 hours, they will all collide.

This film was challenging and thought-provoking. It takes a look at the complexities of racial tolerance in comtemporary America. This compelling urban drama tracks the volatile intersections of a multi-ethnic cast of characters’ struggles to overcome their fears as they careen in and out of one another’s lives.


The Thomas Theorem tells us that if we believe situations to be real, they become real to us. Our own personal reality becomes a detached reality. If we trust certain things about in individual, he/she starts behaving in exactly that way.

AN EXAMPLE of Thomas Theorem in the movie would be that of the gun shop owner thinking that all Arabs are violent terrorist. But Farhad who was coming in to purchase a gun was not Arab but Persian but what the shop owner expects from him, he eventually gets when Farhad “shoots” a little Hispanic girl who is the daughter of the locksmith. Now the Hispanic locksmith comes to fix the lock on Farhad’s store and he tells Farhad that he needs a new door and Farhad thinks that he is trying to rip him off. They go back and forth arguing and finally the locksmith leaves. Farhad’s store is looted and he blames the Hispanic locksmith. Full of rage and anger he goes to the locksmith house to confront him and demand money for his store being looted. During the course of yet another argument Farhad pulls out his gun to shoot the locksmith and the locksmith little daughter...

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