The Music Industry Today

The Music Industry Today

The Music Industry Today Green day, d-12, eminem, the white stripes, just some of the first
thoughts about today’s music generation. They may be the idles of
today’s generation but who did these people idolise, past generations
of musicians who are now considered legends, that’s who. The likes of
iron maiden, run dmc, the sex pistols, aerosmith and Elvis were the
past idles. Groups and solo artists who sang for the love of the music
and/or putting out a message to the people.

The music industry today is said to be corrupt and all about the
amount of swearing in records with eminem being a prime example. It is
also meant to be corrupt with drugs. The youth of today think this is
the right thing to do and is cool, but it’s nothing new. The sex
pistols lead guitarist Sid vicious died of a drug overdose and bob
marley, and Elvis had also used drugs at some point during their
career. Swearing in songs isn’t new either, in fact it was more
controversial when the sex pistols were swearing in the 70’s than in
eminem and other artists songs at the moment. Now eminem is rapping
about smoking cannabis but even in the 60’s and 70’s Pink Floyd were
singing about heroin and other drugs. Some groups now spit and urinate
on the audience but even this isn’t new, the punk bands of the 70’s
were spitting on audiences so what has today’s youth got that the
older bands didn’t have.

And take into account of the prices of today’s music industry. Bands
are charging around £15 an album, and most of the songs on these
albums are old songs but covered.

And what about the bands in the middle still going, iron maiden,
metallica, guns and roses? They have evolved, and are still as popular
as ever retaining old fans and gaining younger fans, perhaps these
bands truly are great?

About the only thing that today’s generation of musicians are doing
that hasn’t already been done, is using synthesizers, and that’s only
because past...

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